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Leon S. Itskov, DDS

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Dr. Itzkov and the team at Gentle Dental of West New York help patients from throughout the New Jersey Palisades enjoy better oral health with general and preventative dentistry services aimed at preventing decay and gum disease. Routine checkups, cleanings and other advanced care options are used to provide custom solutions for each patient.

General Dentistry & Preventative Dentistry

What services do general and preventive dentistry include?

General and preventive dentistry include all the services and treatments that can help patients keep their teeth and gums as healthy as possible so they can avoid decay and disease. It can also include proactive treatments like fluoride or sealants to reduce the risk of decay.

Why do I need to see the dentist twice a year?

Having routine checkups and cleanings every six months helps the dentist look for changes that could indicate an underlying issue like deep decay or infection so treatment can be provided before the condition progresses to a more serious stage. Twice-yearly cleanings ensure gums and teeth are healthy to decrease the risk of gum disease and resulting tooth loss. Plus, regular exams also provide an opportunity to perform an oral cancer screening and provide important guidance to help patients enjoy optimal oral health as they get older and their needs and challenges evolve.

What happens during a routine cleaning?

Cleanings are designed to remove plaque, tartar and the bacteria they harbor by using special instruments to reach between teeth and along the gum line. Buffing and polishing instruments will also be used to remove stains and smooth tooth surfaces to make it more difficult for bacteria to attach to teeth. During the cleaning, the hygienist will be looking for areas where brushing and flossing may need improvement in order to keep teeth and gums healthy between appointments. Once the cleaning is complete, the hygienist will provide patients with tips and guidance to help them improve their brushing and flossing techniques.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Yes, dental x-rays are completely safe, and today's x-ray technology uses less radiation than ever before, reducing the exposure of the patient. X-rays are a vitally important part of preventive care, helping to identify and diagnose problems that exist below the gum line and around the root and jaw bone, areas that are not visible during a routine dental examination.

Accepted Dental Insurance

We will process and submit all insurance claims and pre-authorizations for you. Your insurance company can then pay us directly, and/or we will bill for any appropriate balance. Our Prevention, Diagnosis or Treatment Planning is guaranteed to be without regard to the limitations imposed by your insurance coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: we only accept commercial and PPO insurances. We DO NOT accept DMO, HMO, or government-issued insurances (i.e. Medicaid or Family Care). Please contact the office for more information.

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