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Dark metal fillings can detract from a beautiful smile, and they also contain mercury. At Gentle Dental of West New York, Dr. Itzkov uses white fillings made of strong composite resins for virtually invisible restoration in patients from throughout the New Jersey Palisades region.

White Fillings

What are white fillings?

White fillings are restorations that are colored or tinted to match the surrounding tooth material so they're virtually undetectable by anyone other than your dental or hygienist. Also called tooth-colored fillings, white fillings use a special composite resin material to fill teeth after decayed or damaged portions of the tooth have been removed, and they can be used to treat both small and large defects.

How is a composite filling applied?

The procedure to place a composite filling in a cavity is similar to the process used with traditional metal amalgam fillings. First, the decayed or damaged portion is removed and the resulting space is carefully cleaned of debris. The composite filling material is placed on the tooth in layers, and shaping is performed to provide a durable chewing surface that looks like your own natural tooth. Once the filling material is applied to the tooth, a light may be used to cure the material and help it harden. Finally, the filling will be buffed around the edges so it's smooth and feels comfortable.

Are white fillings better than metal fillings?

Many patients prefer white fillings because they aren't noticeable like metal amalgam fillings. But there are other advantages as well. Unlike metal fillings which contain a large amount of mercury, composite white fillings contain no mercury, and many patients feel more confident when composites are used. Plus, because the composites are applied in a more liquid state, they can form a very strong bond with the natural tooth material, reducing the risk of decay forming underneath the restoration. White fillings also retain their color over time, while metal amalgam fillings tend to become much darker and more noticeable. Composite fillings do tend to cost more than metal fillings, but today, many dental insurance plans cover the extra cost.

How long will a composite filling last?

White fillings are extremely durable, and with proper care, they can last for many years. Like any filling, they may need to be replaced eventually.

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