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White, bright teeth can help men and women look healthier, younger and more attractive. At Gentle Dental of West New York, Dr. Itzkov uses the state-of-the-art Zoom whitening system to help patients from throughout the New Jersey Palisades enjoy their best-looking smiles ever.

Zoom Whitening

What causes teeth to become stained or yellowed?

Superficial staining and yellowing occur most commonly as a result of the foods and beverages we consume. Dark pigments of coffee, tea, berries and red wine can all stain teeth, and citrus products can soften enamel temporarily, allowing stains to penetrate the surface of teeth. Not cleaning teeth properly can also contribute to a dingy appearance, and using tobacco can cause significant yellow or brown stains.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes, the products used in professional whitening treatments provided by dentists are safe and approved for teeth whitening.

What happens during a Zoom whitening treatment?

Zoom uses a whitening gel that is applied to the surfaces of the teeth and a special light to activate the agents in the gel. A mouth guard is used during treatment to hold the lips back from the teeth so the light can reach tooth surfaces without obstruction. Treatment sessions take about 15 minutes and multiple sessions can be performed in one visit to ensure the best results.

Will whitening cause my teeth to become sensitive?

Some patients may experience increased sensitivity during treatment, but these effects will resolve once treatment has ended.

Is professional whitening better than whitening kits I can buy in the drugstore?

Yes, professional whitening is better for several reasons. First, do-it-yourself teeth bleaching kits are designed for the general population, so they can not provide the same type of consistent and complete coverage as a kit that is custom designed for a specific patient, and that means the results will not be as consistent either. Professional whitening is also safer because the process is overseen by a dentist who can answer questions and concerns about the treatment. Plus, having teeth professionally whitened helps ensure tiny cracks and other imperfections are treated prior to whitening to reduce the risk of sensitivity during treatment. And finally, professional treatments – both in-office and take-home kits – can provide faster results than drugstore kits.

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